NYC x LA Chopped Salad

NYC x LA Chopped Salad

Anyone from the Westside of LA has had the La Scala chopped salad at some point in their lives. For Kevin and me, La Scala is an institution and we have been going there regularly our entire adult lives. When I went to USC I think I ate that chopped salad at least three times a week. Kevin and I couldn’t find anything like it in New York so I have been working on perfecting my own version that I can make at home. Below is my modified version that I make almost every night in some varied form for the family (if Kevin doesn’t eat it all first!)
1 bag (3 heads) of organic romaine
1 head organic iceberg lettuce
12 slices organic soppressata salami (can sub for turkey or chopped chicken breast as well)
1 cup shredded organic mozzarella
1/4 cup pimiento

1 Bag (3 heads) Organic Romaine Lettuce chopped very fine washed and spun dry
1 head Organic Iceberg Lettuce chopped very fine washed and spun dry
You can at any point chop and wash both version of lettuce together…I sometimes dump washed lettuce on to paper towels after washing to dry even more as I prep. At this stage you can place extra portions of the lettuce in a Ziploc bag to use the next night.
12 slices Organic soppressata Salami (roll multiples into tubes and slice into fine thin strips then cut onto bits) I always watch a Youtube video here for technique.
1 cup shredded Organic Mozzarella (I like to dump onto cutting board and chop up once shredded so bits of cheese
1/4 C Pimento (drained and liquid pressed out with paper towel then chopped into bits)
JF Universal salt to taste

From here I like to let everyone build their own bowls. Starting with lettuce then cheese, salami, pimento (you just want small bits of red throughout, not too much pimento). Toss together and then add dressing. The key is getting the ratio correct. Minimal dressing fresh cracked black pepper and JF Universal Salt
Follow my Simple Mustard Vinaigrette recipe or use any basic red wine vinaigrette recipe
Optional favorite add ins….
Garbanzo Beans
Diced Avocado
Diced English Cucumber
Diced Red or White Onion
Diced Pepperoncini
Diced Tomato
Chopped Bacon 
Chopped Turkey
Chopped Grilled Chicken (it’s SO good when its warm on top #trust)
Kevin Loves Garbanzo beans so I always keep a container of marinated beans in the fridge. Simply pour the dressing over one can of drained beans and add a very generous spoonful of JF Universal salt and fresh cracked black pepper; refrigerate in an airtight container. Kevin adds them on top of his salad. I like  to add red onion chopped very fine and avocado. 
That’s IT!!! You guys have been asking for the “recipe” for so long but there really isn’t one. Wing it!  Create your own version for you and your family. The key is chopping the lettuce very fine and all the components that go into it. They should all be roughly the same size. A sharp knife is also a key ingredient to make it easier.
My new thing is putting the salad on top of a cauliflower pizza crust for “Salad Pizza"

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