Convertible Gemstone Earrings
Convertible Gemstone Earrings

Convertible Gemstone Earrings

$995.00 $250.00


10k Yellow Gold Plated Brass
Silver-Rhodium Plated Brass


Inspired by classic gemstone jewelry, the Convertible Gemstone Earrings are an edgy take on a timeless silhouette. Each of the stones are hollowed out for ultimate weightlessness. An added innovative feature, the drop of these earrings is fully removable due to a hidden loop in the top, so the earring can be worn as a single pair of studs, or converted into the full chandelier earring - Making these the ultimate day to night staple.

Can be worn as Studs or with Removable Drop.


Ball Width: 1.5" 
Ball Length: 2.8"
Width of Largest Stone: 0.5" 
Length of Largest Stone: 0.9"
Weight: 0.65oz

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