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The Convertible Globe Duster features two brass hoops and three interchangeable ball chains.

Hoops Diameter: 0.83"" Thickness: 4.1mm
Large Ball Chain - 1 Jump Ring Thickness: 8mm Length: 6.13"
Medium Ball Chain - 2 Jump Rings Thickness: 6.3mm Length: 7.25"
Small Ball Chain - 2 Jump Rings Thickness: 4.7mm Length: 10"

Hoops total weight 0.2 oz, large ball chain: 0.55 oz, medium ball chain: 0.38 oz, small ball chain: 0.35 oz
Total weight of all three strands on 1 hoop: 1.4 oz"

Sterling silver post
Plated 10K Yellow Gold
Plated Silver-Rhodium
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