Visiting Day Salad

Visiting Day Salad


It’s a long day outside in the heat so I wanted to pack something that felt filling and crunchy but not heavy. The sweet potatoes are a perfect addition. Add any protein you wish to this, my choice was Wild Planet Tuna Chorizo which I can add at camp while picnicking. Serves 1. 


Radicchio, chopped
Romaine, chopped
Frescatrano olives, sliced (I like Divina)
Persian cucumber, chopped
Vegan feta cheese, crumbled (I like Trader Joe’s)
Red radish, chopped
Red onion, chopped
Carrots, shredded
Sweet potato, peeled, diced small, and roasted
Chives, chopped
Cilantro, chopped
JF Simple Mustard Vinaigrette, to taste 


Roasted Sweet Potato:
1 sweet potato, peeled and diced small 
Olive oil 
JF Spicy Salt, to taste


Roasted Sweet Potato
Preheat your oven to 350º. On a baking sheet toss your diced sweet potato in olive oil and season with a generous amount of JF Spicy Salt. Convection roast for 30 minutes until soft, then broil for a slightly crisp exterior. Cool before assembling your salad. 


Visiting Day Salad
In a large bowl, using the chopped radicchio and romaine as your base, begin to build your salad. Layer in the Frescatrano olives, Persian cucumber, vegan feta, radish, red onion, carrots, and roasted sweet potato. Dress in my JF Simple Mustard Vinaigrette and enjoy!