Saks Salad

Saks Salad

In celebration of Jennifer Fisher debuting at Saks, I’ve created the ‘Saks Salad.’ A clean, delicious bite full of fall flavors, crisp greens, and of course JF Spicy Salt. Serves 1.


Romaine, chopped
Avocado, chopped
Vegan feta, crumbled (I like Trader Joe's)
Organic dried mango, chopped
Pear, chopped
Dates, pitted and chopped
Red onion, chopped 
Raw pumpkin seeds 
Chives, chopped
JF Spicy Salt, to taste
JF Simple Mustard Vinaigrette, to taste


In a large bowl, using the chopped romaine as a base, begin to build your salad. Layer in the avocado, vegan feta, dried mango, pear, dates, red onion, and raw pumpkin seeds. Dress in my JF Simple Mustard Vinaigrette, season with JF Spicy Salt, and finish with chopped chives. Enjoy!