PFW Scrambled Eggs

PFW Scrambled Eggs


3 Organic Eggs
1 Tbs half & half or 2 tsp milk 
fresh chopped chives 
nice piece of unsalted butter  
JF Spicy Salt Or JF Universal Salt
Fresh cracked black pepper


Bring a nonstick pan to medium then reduce to medium low
In a bowl combine eggs and cream or milk
Using a small whisk, whisk the eggs to fluff some air into them, about 10 nice circles. Add some chopped chives and combine. Save some for garnish at the end. 
Add butter to pan and melt
Add eggs. Crack some black pepper on top and add a pinch of salt. Start to stir immediately using a wooden spatula. You want to keep the eggs moving and folding until done. 
Eggs should look under cooked and very wet when finished. Remove from heat immediately and plate. The eggs will continue to cook as they sit. 
Garnish with the remainder of the chives and another pinch of spicy salt.

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