Bieber Fever Peach Salad

Bieber Fever Peach Salad


Simple, summer lunch - on the program and delicious! Easily pairs with any protein and is the perfect dish to compliment my JF Curry Salt. Serves 1.  


2 cups mixed romaine and arugula microgreens 
2 small radishes, sliced thin on the mandoline
½ organic avocado, sliced
½ organic white peach, quartered and grilled
JF Curry Salt, to taste
Fig balsamic glaze, to taste (I like Seggiano)


Grilled Peaches:
½ organic white peach, quartered 
Avocado oil


Grilled Peaches
Oil your grill pan (or barbeque) with avocado oil. Once it’s hot, begin to lay on the sliced peaches, you should hear a sizzle. Spray additional avocado oil on the peaches face-up. When grill marks form, flip to the other side, and cook to your desired bite. 


Bieber Fever Peach Salad
In a large bowl, using the mixed romaine and arugula microgreens as a base, begin to build your salad. Layer over our grilled peaches, sliced avocado, and radish. Season with my JF Curry Salt and dress in the fig balsamic glaze. Enjoy!