Mexican Chopped Salad

Mexican Chopped Salad

This is my version of a crisp slaw salad with no mayo…I love cabbage and lettuce mixed as my greens and I love Mexican food so this is a perfect combo.
In the summer add fresh grilled corn and it takes it next level….serve with protein of your choice.
Its the perfect bed for grilled shrimp...
1 head Organic Iceberg Lettuce Shredded 
1/4 Head Purple Cabbage sliced micro thin
1/2 Red Onion Sliced thin and Chopped Into Strips (mimmic the cabbage slices)
1 Organic Avocado diced
5 Red Hot Peppadew Picquante Peppers diced and moisture removed (I ise a paper towel to press moisture out after chopping them)
Generous Handful of Organic Cilantro Chopped Coarse
1/4 Cup Queso Fresco crumbled to bits (add more on top to serve)
1/2 Cup Organic Garbanzo Beans 
Combine all ingredients into large salad bowl except avocado (I don’t like it when it gets mushy so I add it last)….lightly dress with dressing and season with JF Universal Salt and Fresh cracked black pepper….
Toss With Vinaigrette of Your choice (use my recipe for homemade on the site and store in fridge)
If you want it extra spicy add fresh organic Jalapeños seeded and diced

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