Keto Greek Chicken Patties

Keto Greek Chicken Patties

In an effort to support Kevin I have been trying to eat Keto with him. I made these Greek Chicken Patties up last night and they were surprisingly simple and delicious. The recipe calls for a lot of hand washing with the raw ground chicken but it's worth it. 
Yields approx. 8-10 small patties / 2 for dinner


For Patties
1 lb organic ground chicken breast
1 organic egg 
1/2 white onion finely minced
1 Tbs organic dried oregano
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 teaspoon JF Spicy Salt
1/4 Teaspoon ground black pepper
2 teaspoons organic lemon juice
2 Tbs garlic olive oil
For Yogurt Sauce
1 Cup 2% organic Greek yogurt
1/2 English cucumber deseeded and diced very small
1 Tbs snipped fresh dill
1 garlic clove, minced
1 Tbs organic lemon juice
1/4 cup organic feta cheese



In a large bowl place all patty ingredients except ground chicken and mix well. Add chicken and mix well with hands. I know gross but it works best, just wash your hand wells after. 
Combine all yogurt sauce ingredients into a bowl and mix well. Refrigerate while cooking burgers.
Heat the garlic olive oil in a non stick large pan over medium heat. Using hands form free formed balls, it’s really hard to handle so know they don't need to be perfect. Weird imperfect circles actually look better so don’t sweat it. Drop the balls into pan and use a spatula to slightly flatten top and create an imperfect patty. If the oil doesn’t sizzle when the patties are placed in the pan increase the heat slightly. Repeat until all of the meat mixture is used. Wash hands well and transfer bowl to sink. I like to rinse the bowl in an empty sink since it is raw chicken. Also wash the spatula you used to press down the patties. Use a clean one to flip them. Let the patties cook on medium for a while since they are made of chicken and you want to make sure they are cooked all the way through. Once golden brown you can flip them to cook the other side. 
I added a chopped tomato, red onion and cucumber salad as a side for this. I recommend it. It's literally just that and olive oil and a squeeze of lemon and JF Universal Salt on top. No recipe necessary. It adds a nice freshness to the meal. 
Once patties cooked through you can plate them by spreading a nice large spoonful of the yogurt sauce on the bottom of the plate and place patties on top. Add a generous drizzle of good olive oil on top and serve. You can also add snipped fresh dill and feta if you like. 

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