Gluten Free Homestyle Delish Meatloaf

Gluten Free Homestyle Delish Meatloaf

Comforting without the guilt
Comforting without the guilt


2 lbs ground beef (when you can, always use grass fed beef). If you can find ground brisket sub 1 lb for this or pork if you prefer

1/2 teaspoon JF Universal Salt

3/4 teaspoon dry ground mustard

1/2 teaspoon fresh cracked black pepper

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

1 organic egg

1 small brown onion diced fine

Ready ... here is my sub for bread crumbs

2 cups organic unsweetened brown rice cereal, If you have a coffee grinder grind them to crumbs or place in a large ziplock bag and pound them with the back of a measuring cup.

Glaze Topping

1/2 organic chili sauce or ketchup, Sir Kensington Spicy Ketchup is amazing
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon spicy mustard


Preheat Oven 350

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, adding crushed rice cereal last.
Using your hands, mix well and press into a meatloaf pan shaping the top for the glaze. A good meatloaf pan has two parts, the top part of the loaf with holes and the bottom part to catch the liquid while cooking. Pedrini makes a great one.

In a small bowl combine Ketchup, brown sugar and mustard. Heat in a small saucepan just to melt the sugar and pour over the loaf making sure not to drip it over the sides but should coat the entire top.

Bake for 60 Min

Allow to cool as the meat will still cook slightly while it cools down.

This is actually better the next day, so if you have time to make ahead and refrigerate overnight, it's pretty amazing.

Serve with mashed potatoes or white rice.

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