“Take Out” Curry Cauliflower Fried Rice


An easy and satisfying “Take Out” Curry Cauliflower Fried Rice was tonight’s dinner. Personalize with your choice of veggies and protein. Super simple and so good! Serves 2 as a main.


Olive oil (I like Kyoord
Green onion, sliced
JF Universal Salt, to taste
1 (24oz) bag organic frozen cauliflower rice
Green cabbage, shredded 
4 eggs, beaten 
Jalapeños, thinly shaved
JF Curry Salt, to taste
Cilantro, chopped


In a large sauté pan, warm the olive oil over medium/medium-high heat and begin to frizzle your sliced green onions. Season with JF Universal Salt, allowing them to soften and slightly brown. Once the onion becomes fragrant, add in your cauliflower rice. Drizzle over additional olive oil. Don’t rush the cooking process here, let this become slightly crisp over the heat. 

As thats browns, work in your shredded cabbage and jalapeño. Then your beaten eggs, combining well throughout. As it comes together finish with my JF Curry Saltthinly shaved jalapeño, cilantro, and sriracha. Enjoy warm.